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After viewing the Interactive Forestry Tour Maine Forests Forever Green CD-ROM, please take a few minutes to respond to the following EVALUATION. Fold, stamp and return to Pat Maloney, Project Learning Tree State Coordinator, P.O. Box 344, Augusta, ME 04332. Call if you have any questions at 626-7990. Thank you in advance for your time.


Where did you get the CD-ROM?

______PLT workshop

______A colleague

______Other: Please specify: _______________________________________________


How do you plan to use this?

______In the classroom                                               ______What grade level?

______As a teacher resource/instructional tool     ______As one facet of research

______With other groups. Please specify: _____________________________________


If you have used the CD-ROM, briefly explain how:



Which sections of the CD-ROM were most appropriate to your needs?

______Pretest                        ______Environment

______Product Message         ______Balance Message

______Recreation Message     ______Map

What questions do you have about Maine Forests after viewing the CD-ROM?



What further information would you like to have about Maine Forests?


Any other comments? ______________________________________________________________________________

Please rate the CD-ROM as an educational and research document.


Valuable                                           Somewhat informative                                   Not very useful


1                                     2                                 3                                 4                                    5


I have heard of Project Learning Tree (Circle one): Yes     No


Your name: __________________________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________________________

Phone: ____________________________E-mail: ____________________________________

Name of School or Business: _____________________________________________________