Holt Research Forest

Maine TREE acquired Holt Research Forest (HRF) in 2014 through a merger with the Holt Woodland Research Foundation.  HRF is located on a 350 acre parcel in Arrowsic, Maine and is the site for a long-term oak-pine forest ecosystem study conducted by scientists from the University of Maine. Since 1983 multiple plant and animal populations have been monitored to study long-term temporal changes as well as impacts of forest harvesting. The research based within a 40 hectare (100 acre) study area includes a complete timber inventory of all trees (about 32,000), yearly sampling of tree seeds and regeneration, territories of breeding birds, live trapping of small mammals, and many other measurements. Workshops and education programming has always been part of the HRF mission. A new outdoor classroom will help to expand this activity. Maine TREE is excited for this new endeavor as it enables us to fulfill the research portion of our mission.  Click here for the Holt Research Forest website.

Holt Research Forest Video – click here to watch!


Holt Research Forest From Above Video – click here to watch!


Click here for Holt Research Forest.

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