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The Maine TREE (Timber Research and Environmental Education) Foundation was founded in 1989 by a group of dedicated timberland owners, forest products producers, tree farmers and others interested in the Maine forest.  The offices of Maine TREE are located at 535 Civic Center Drive,  Augusta, Maine.  We are a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization.

Forests are part of the fabric of Maine.  In addition to sustaining natural geological and biological systems, our forests link together and sustain a natural resource community made up of landowners, recreational users, loggers, foresters, mills, workers, and towns that have been interdependent for generations.  The diverse uses of the forest and the sustainability of this community are critical to the ecological, economic, and social health of Maine.

Mission: The Maine TREE Foundation educates and advocates for the sustainable use of the forest and the ecological, economic, and social health of Maine’s forest community.  

Our mission is realized through implementing research and education programs for schools, government, media, and the general public.  Partnerships within the forest community and support programs for forest owners, woods workers, and recreational users assist in the effort.

The Vision of the Maine Tree Foundation: The public values and supports Maine’s healthy forest ecosystems, forest professionals, scientific forest management, and sound public policies that sustain Maine’s forest-dependent people and communities.

Maine’s forests are resilient.  Maine’s forested ecosystems, its forest economy, and the communities supporting them are among the most dynamic and sustainable in the world.  The system depends on maintaining the unique situation of predominantly private ownership, widespread public access, outstanding recreation values, and wood-based industries.  Harvesting forest products is one of the many forces that contribute to the constant state of forest renewal.  The use of renewable wood resources to meet society’s demands has far less negative environmental impact than does production from alternatives, which require higher energy inputs and the use of non-renewable raw materials.  Maintaining this forest community will include both sustainable timber production and carefully targeted protection and enhancement of non-timber values.

The Maine TREE Foundation works hard to create and support a diverse network of collaborative partnerships from the fields of conservation, education, economic and community development, recreation and scientific research that deliver our mission and realize our vision for the state’s forest-based economy, ecology and communities.

New Sign at our office!

30th Anniversary Celebration!

Maine TREE Foundation marked its 30th Anniversary with a wonderful celebration on September 21, 2019!  Outdoor educational leaders at Old Town Elementary School (participants in Project Learning Tree and Forest Teachers’ Tours) kicked off the event with tours of their outdoor forest classroom, gardens, educational playground and so much more.    The party then moved on to the University of Maine Pole Barn where we networked,  shared resources, and enjoyed a barbecue with the background ambiance of a wonderful live band.   Check out these photos of our event!  Thank you to everyone for celebrating with us!

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